Diana Scheibe

When I was a kid, I used to play ice hockey. My mother recommended classical dance to me, she used to be a ballet teacher. Ballet was very hard in the beginning. Physically I wasn’t able to do it. I hated that fact. Actually, that’s the reason why I kept going. I had no pride, to get a very bad score in math, but I had such a pride when I couldn’t use my body well.

There are so many different forms of expression, I realized. That confused me a lot. I was wondering what my personal expression was. Figuring out was hard, cause I basically change every day. I felt lost but at the same time I started to understand myself better. This experience changed the way I dance.
I have been a dancer for 10 years now. I realized, dance is my personal expression. Sometimes expression is associated with social expectation, for example, behaving  well, being nice and so on... I used to be a trouble maker and the black sheep of my ballet company. People were expecting me to freak out at some point. My actions had consequences of course. With all that experience, I learned how to behave in the end, I hope.

- Dukin Seo -